Sleeping the eternal sleep…

Toddy's Tribute

A mellow and very affactionate soul

Toddy’s Box of Ashes

When Toddy was rescued he was in a terrible state and was terrified of humans. He was knocked down by a hit and run driver and luckily for him there was someone at the scene who was able to grab hold of him before he came around and run off. Toddy was already in a cat carrier when I went to collect him. there were no apparent signs of any injury, but he was so emaciated, it was amazing how he survived so long in such a sorrowful state. After a visit to the vet to check all was okay, I came away with ear drops because his ears were really dirty looking meaning either ear mites or fungal infection. I put him in an empty spare bedroom with a bed, litter tray and a crumpled piece of paper. I then spent each day going into the room to feed him small but regular bowls of food and I would sit on the floor and hold out my hand without direct eye contact. At night I use to hear him play with the crumpled paper.

Nine months later, out of the blue and much to my surprise, Toddy came and sat on my lap. It was an emotional day to say the least and the breakthrough I had waited so patiently for. From that day on Toddy became the most affectionate, gentle natured cat any cat lover could ever wish for. He was not rehomed and so he lived with me for many years. I couldn’t be sure of his exact age, but he looked like a young cat probably around 1-3 years old

Sadly, at an estimated 12-14 years old, he had to put to sleep due to aggressive stomach cancer. Given the state he was in when found, I do not think he would have survived for very much longer and would have died alone of starvation, a slow and painful death, but Toddy was destined to be one of the fortunate ones.

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