Sleeping the eternal sleep…

Sonny's Tribute

A sturdy but gentle Russian Blue
Rehomed in his forever home

I hope your “sunny” soul is at peace

Sonny was yet another rescued adult cat. I fostered him while he was waiting for his forever home. After a short time with me, lucky Sonny got rehomed with a couple who had another female cat. After going back to do the follow up visit to make sure all was okay, Sonny had settled well into his new home and seemed happy enough. 

So that was the last time I would see Sonny and so I have no idea how long he lived but he would surely have passed over by now. I can only hope he had a happy life with his new family.

When you foster it’s never easy to let them go especially if they’ve been with you for some time before finding them a new home, but it was not possible to keep all the cats I rescued and fostered. Of course there were cats that could not be rehomed because they had issues from their past. Needless to say I ended up keeping them, Luke being one such cat.

I hope Sonny’s gentle soul is at peace.

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