Sleeping the eternal sleep…

Socrates Tribute

A handsome and adorable boy,
abandoned as a kitten

Sleeping the eternal sleep,
I hope you had a good life

Socrates was yet another rescued and fosterd kitten. He was a striking looking kitten and so I was surprised he waited so long for his forever home. You can see from the photo he is not a kitten anymore but a young adult cat. Eventually though Socrates went to a very nice young couple who absolutely loved hm.

All the usual procedures were done prior to taking Socrates to his new home. House check and completion of adoption form. All good, I thought.

However, when I went back to do my follow up visit, much to my surprise, the couple informed me they might be emigrating to America. I wasn’t too happy about this because such a decision would not have been made in such a short time, so I was rather disappointed they didn’t tell me about their planned emigration before they adopted Socrates. They did reassure me though that they would be taking Socrates with them.

My only hope is if they did go through with the emigration that they stuck to their word.  Socrates was a young and healthy cat and so I did think he should be okay for such a mammoth journey.

I never knew if they did emigrate or not but whatever the case, all I can hope for is that Socrates life with them was a happy, healthy and long one,

It is difficult to think about all the cats I’ve fostered and rehomed, wondering what lives they all lived. I really did use to find it hard parting with them, but it was the best I could do. I wish I could have kept them all, but sadly I could not as I already had too many cats. 

Many years has past since Socrates was rehomed so he, as all the other cats I’ve rehomed, will have left this planet and be sleeping the eternal sleep. I hope his adorable little soul is at total peace.

Keep The Memory Of Your Cat Alive

Keep The Memory Of Your Cat Alive