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Sinbad The Scoffer!

The amusing story of sneaky Sinbad!

A Siamese hangs out in a street most mornings where my friends Jan and Tim lived, a rural area in Somerset. Across the street, the other side of the hedge, lies a small number of detached bungalows. The story my friends got told…

A Siamese hangs out in a street most mornings where my friends Jan and Tim lived, a rural area in Somerset. Across the street, the other side of the hedge, lies a small number of detached bungalows. The story my friends got told was that a family in one of the bungalows moved out of the area and left their cat behind. A neighbour contacted the owner to tell her, but the Siamese was still showing up observing all the activity from the other side of the street. Although he looked okay we assumed he was homeless. With winter on the horizon, I was concerned for his welfare. I began making enquiries in the street but nobody knew anything about the Siamese other than to say they have seen him go through the hedge. So I went to make enquiries at the bungalows. The owners of the third door I knocked on had their own cats one of them being a Siamese who came to greet me and was quite friendly and chatty. They said they knew nothing about the apparent abandonment and not seen another Siamese mooching about and so the the mystery Siamese remained a mystery.

It wasn’t long before my friends got to hear about the Siamese I had to have Lucca my adopted Siamese put to sleep and so I said I would give him a home. However, he was nervous of humans, but Jan said she would try to befriend him and gain his trust. So when Jan saw him she would put out a bowl of food the other side of the street. This went on for a few months. He got closer and closer until eventually, as you can see in the photo, he’s scoffing food at the side of her house. This was great news because with their planned house move time was fast running out.

Jan had taken a few photos of the Siamese from a distance, which I had not seen. Now she was able to get a closer one of him, which she sent to me. It was the first time I’d actually seen him myself. Not having seen him in real life though, I asked Jan and Tim were they sure he’s a Cream Point because, I said, in the photo he looks more grey than cream. After Jan and Tim deliberated over it, it was decided he was likely a Blue Point. I then told them about the owners in one of the bungalows with the Blue Point Siamese. I mentioned how friendly he was with me and so, being nervous of humans, we didn’t think the mystery Siamese could possibly be their cat.

I suggested trying the bungalows again because there were a few I didn’t go to and so me and Jan went together. The first door we knocked on was the home of three terrier dogs and so no way would the Siamese be hanging out there. We picked this bungalow because there was a sold sign on the one next door and thought it might be where the owner of the Siamese moved out of. The guy who answered the door was very helpful although he too had not heard of or seen a Siamese and said the last bungalow past his also had dogs. Then I thought it might be a good idea to go back to the one with the Blue Point Siamese cat so Jan could see him to determine if the Siamese she was feeding and befriending might possibly be theirs.

Luckily the couple were home. We explained the story to the lady in more detail and she pointed to the bungalow across the way. The couple there had eleven cats she said and when they moved they left four of them behind, which they ended up adopting. One of them being the Blue Point Siamese that greeted me the first time I went there. I asked how long ago that was and she said ten years ago. Jan and I looked at each other a little dumbfounded. I asked the lady if she could bring the Siamese to the door so Jan could see him, but she said he was fast asleep on the bed. She kindly invited us in but we said we didn’t wish to disturb him. So I asked if she had any photos of him to hand. With that she went and came back with a print out of all four cats. Jan and I looked at the images and although not one hundred percent sure, she did think it was the same Siamese. From the one photo I had seen of him I too thought the same. Jan got her phone and showed the lady a couple of photos she’d taken of the mystery Siamese. She too thought it might be her Siamese, but again wasn’t one hundred percent sure and I don’t think she actually wanted to believe it. As none of us were absolutely sure we didn’t know whether it was a yes it is him or no it isn’t him.

Then, as we were deliberating the lady’s husband came around the corner to put some tools in the garage. We showed him the photos and straight away he said, “yes, that’s Sinbad!”

We all looked at each other astonished! The couple could hardly believe their well fed and well looked after Siamese was getting two breakfasts most mornings and Jan was encouraging it. So not only, as we assumed, was he getting fed by someone else, that someone else is his owner and he lives in a beautiful home. We had to smile, there was me and Jan fretting over him being out in the cold through the winter months when he was fast asleep on a bed! And to think the amount of times I thought about him on days when it was cold and teeming down with rain when he was probably snug as a bug in a rug! It also explains why on some mornings Jan said he didn’t finish all of the food. We knew he had to be getting fed by someone else, but considering the story, as Jan received it, we wanted to find out if that person had also given him a home. It wasn’t a recent occurrence at all, it all happened ten years ago so whomever spread the story must be living in a time warp! Sinbad is a mature guy now but clearly he loves his food!

So after that day Jan stopped feeding and encouraging him. However, by now Sinbad had got into the habit of his morning visits and continued to show up for extra helpings. On one morning, when Jan went back inside after loading up her car, Sinbad was in the kitchen. To think all the months she’d been trying to coax him and win him over so that I could have him and now we knew he had a lovely home there he was in the kitchen, waiting for his extras no doubt!

So the story of the mystery Siamese (Sinbad The Scoffer!) finally got solved. The most important thing is this story has a happy ending and that’s all that matters.

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2 thoughts on “Sinbad The Scoffer!”

  1. Loved the story-we have a scoffer in our house who is always at her food bowl and am sure if she were offered food elsewhere she would accept. She was the smallest and lightest kitten when she came and now the heaviest!

  2. Thanks for your comments Ann. I hope you don’t get a neighbour like Jan move next door to you then or Misha will get even heavier!

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