Sleeping the eternal sleep…

Sapphi's Tribute

A happy go lucky and quirky soul

Rest in peace little one

Sapphi was a  petite cat and a cheerful little soul. She was rescued from a farm in Wales where she and her brother Josh were found huddled together under a sheet of corrugated metal. I remember them being so tiny and worried when they climbed the scratching post they would fall off, it must have looked like a tree to them! Sapphi spent many happy and healthy years with me until things changed suddenly.

Sadly, she had the suddent onset of neurological issues and eventually she had to be put to sleep to end her suffering. The vet Sapphi was being treated by was very young and so did not have years of experience behind him, as would an older vet. He couldn’t get to the bottom of her illness, but I thought it must have been a form of meningitis, at least that was my feeling.

Her story about stomatitis, along with her brother Josh is featured on the Blog

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