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When you take a midnight stroll
On a clear summer night,
Cast your eyes toward the stars
Behold its wondrous sight.

Can you comprehend such magic
So many millions of miles away,
While little you stand upon the Earth
Unaware you’re connected to the big array.

You hang in space, but not alone
All those heavenly bodies do adorn,
Twinkling, shining their celestial light
Constantly dying and being born.

The silvery moon shines her delicate light
Changing her shapes in wax and wane
From crescent to round and crescent again,
She shines at best when full of zest
With Mercury Mars and all the rest.

Isn’t it amazing and incredible
That little you thinking you’re far away
Is part of the collective, you stand in view.

It’s not Heaven above and Earth below
It’s not God above and you below,
It’s Heaven, Earth, God and You
You stand in the midst of a Universal hue.

So when you gaze upon the stars
On a clear summer night
Give reverence to its awesome might,
Be truly aware of what you are
For sure you are a light of night.

Reach out attract and touch the light
Look, see it now it is in sight,
You need not look so very far
‘Tis there little kitten, behold…
You are a Star!

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