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The Mystery Of The Disappearing Cat

The story of Luke who vanished from home never to be seen again

Luke was one of my foster cats but due to his psychological issues sadly, he was not suitable for rehoming and so inevitably I ended up keeping him, but little did I know his life with me was going to be short lived…

Luke – The People Lover and Wine Bibber!

Luke was one of my foster cats but due to his psychological issues sadly, he was not suitable for rehoming and so inevitably I ended up keeping him. He turned out to be such a character, very intelligent, too intelligent and curious for his own good. He loved people and when the neighbour was doing some gardening Luke would sit in his wheel barrow and be shuttled around. However, he was a very insecure soul and would wrap his paws around my neck when picked up and suckle on my clothes. As you can see, Luke liked the occasional tipple of wine or should I say he liked to look like he was taking a tipple. Never had a cat do that before, but this big softy was no run of the mill cat!

His psychological issues were due to being left behind in an empty council house. He was found almost two weeks later when the council went there to board up the property. Understandably, he was very distraught and also very thin. But with a vist to the vet and a home where he had plenty of fuss he soon made a full recovery. Nonetheless, the memory of his traumatic experience left its scar. I felt so sorry for him because he was so mixed up in his head. When he was indoors he wanted to get out and when outdoors, after a short time, he wanted to come. Oftentimes, he was so desperate to get out he even learned how to open windows, the type with the bottom latch and a handle about mid way up the window. The latch he would flick up with his paw and the handle he would tackle with his paw and teeth.

Then came the day Luke disappeared from home. I hadn’t long let him out and the last time I looked he was sitting in the neighbour’s garden waiting for some activity, but when I looked a short while after he was gone. A couple of hours later and still no sign of him, I began to get worried. He had never been out so long before without wanting to come in for reassurance. I went outside looking for him and called out his name over and over but there came no response. All that day I waited anxiously, desperate to see his face at the window and his incessant meowing to come in. But Luke never came home and that morning was the last time I would ever see him again.

I have a strong feeling about his disappearance and it’s not a pleasant thought.

His story is so sad because I took him to a homeopathic vet and after going through a detailed profile of Luke, Geoff prescribed a remedy. A week later I could hardly believe the change in him. He was like a different cat, so chilled out and happy to be indoors. I even contacted Geoff to ask him what he had done to my cat. “Did you put him on some wacky backy,” I said jokingly. The remedy worked wonders, but after about a week the changes wore off and Luke reverted to his restless ways. Geoff said he needed more of the remedy, but sadly before I had chance to give it to him, he was gone out of my life never to be seen again.

I was living in a rural area in West Somerset at the time of Luke’s disappearance. It was a rented property, which was immediately next door to the owners property. Across the way was another large, detached dwelling. The guy who owned it had two Japanese Mastiffs (also called Tosa). These dogs are large and powerful and from what I read they come under the dangerous dogs act in the UK and are banned in a certain countries When Luke sat on the wall the dogs would bark at him, I am sure, much to the owner’s annoyance. I know he didn’t like Luke or any cat for that matter. I was told by my landlord that he trapped squirrels in a cage and would wring their necks!

There was another large, detached property across the lane, which was obscured by the steep, uphill sweeping drive and dense surrounding woodlands. You could only see the property when you reached the top of the drive. There were large, white domes strategically placed up the drive, and in the grounds, close to the property, stood an imposing obelisk.

I remember thinking…what the hell, phallic symbols in a private dwelling!

Soon after I moved in I got quite friendly with the landlord and his wife and so I asked them about it. They told me the guy who owned it was a high profile judge and that he was in the process of building an underground temple there. Crikey! I thought, this is getting weirder by the minute! The guy with the scary dogs also had a high profile job and apparently, he and the judge were very close friends. In any case, after that day I didn’t give it much thought, not that is, until the day Luke disappeared. I remember the day very well because it was the 31st March, the Spring Equinox.

After Luke went missing I did everything in my power to try and find him. I scanned the whole area for about a three mile radius from my home, went to the village three miles away and put posters about. I would show his photo to to everyone I met, asking if they had seen him. I contacted the local vets, called the council, and again covered a radius of about three miles, searching the grounds and calling Luke’s name over and over. I frantically combed every inch of ground. There was literally nothing I didn’t do to try and find him. I wanted to find him even if he was dead and by now, my hope of finding him alive was waining. Of course, it would have been very upsetting to have discovered his body, but at least it would have given me peace of mind and I could have laid his soul to rest. Depending on the state of his body, I might even have had some clues as to what caused his death. The thing that puzzled me is that Luke didn’t have any health issues apart from his mixed up mind. I spoke with Geoff the homeopathic vet and he said even if a cat got killed by a fox, the body is usually found.

My landlord asked the guy with the Japanese Mastiffs if he had seen Luke. Oddly enough he told him he had seen him in a lane, in the distance through the telescope he had set up in his conservatory. However, my landlord, having been in his conservatory a few times, told me there was no way he could have seen Luke in the location he claimed. The landlord and his wife looked at me with raised eyebrows, I sensed they were thinking on the same lines as me. Then his wife said, “I don’t think he is saying the truth.” Well quite frankly, “neither do I,” I replied promptly. Now I was thinking what I didn’t want to or should not have been thinking, but I couldn’t help myself.

I feared the worse!

I have two theories on Luke’s sudden disappearance. I call them “theories” because I can’t prove either.

The first theory is that the neighbour set his dogs on him. It would not have taken much for even one of his dogs to kill a cat let alone two attacking a cat. Japanese Mastiffs were bred for fighting and given their size I don’t think Luke would have stood a chance. My reasoning behind this is obvious. As I mentioned earlier, Luke use to sit on the wall and this would get the dogs barking and no doubt, get the guy barking mad! He definitely didn’t like cats and in my eyes, anyone who traps wildlife and wrings their necks is not a nice person and not to be trusted.

The only one thing I questioned…

On the day of Luke’s disappearance I was home all day and so why, if Luke got attacked by his dogs, didn’t I hear anything. So this led me to my second theory.

As bizarre as this theory might seem to you, it’s what I thought and so it needs to be said. Given the presence of phallic symbols, the building of a temple and Luke disappearing on the Spring Equinox, it got me thinking…

Was Luke a sacrifice..?

I know it sounds far fetched, but I live in the real world and in the real world such things go on, and the places such practices are performed is usually in rural areas and the people usually high profile and wealthy. We never like to think these things are on our own doorstep, but sometimes they are. I am no expert on such monstrous practices, but to my knowledge, one of the days of the year these barbarians need a sacrifice is on the Spring Equinox, which falls on 31st March, the very day Luke went missing.

I don’t want to even begin to think what end he had if this is what happened to him. Without mentioning the dreaded word they call themselves, I read up a bit on this sick practice and what I read was too upsetting to repeat here and doesn’t even bear thinking about.

Both explanations are, as I said, just theories, conclusions I came to with trying to make sense of why Luke suddenly disappeared without trace.

Whatever happened to him, I now believe all my efforts to find him were fruitless because I am now sure he was already dead and died on the day he disappeared. How he met his end will always remain a mystery. It would of course have been heart rending to have found his body, but at least I would have been able to lay him to rest, buried him in the garden. I would have preferred that to the agony of not knowing what happened to him.

I can only hope he didn’t suffer and that his restless soul is at complete peace. I know every cat owner who have lost and never found their cat will relate to this story.

May all their souls rest in peace.

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