Sleeping the eternal sleep…

Luke's Tribute

The people lover and wine bibber!

Luke disappeared from home never to return.
Whatever happened to you,
I hope your soul is at peace

Luke was one of my foster cats but due to his psychological issues he was not suitable for rehoming and so inevitably I ended up keeping him. He turned out to be such a character, very intelligent, too intelligent and curious for his own good. He loved people and when the neighbour was doing some gardening he would sit in his wheel barrow and be shuttled around. However,  he was a very insecure soul and would wrap his paws around my neck when picked up and suckle on my clothes. As you can see, Luke liked the occasional tipple of wine or should I say he liked to look like he was taking a tipple. Never had a cat do that before, but this big softy was no run of the mill cat!

Luke got left behind in an empty council house and was found almost two weeks later when the council went there to board up the property. Understandably, he was very distraught and also very thin. Sadly, the memory of his traumatic experience left its scar and it was the reason why he was so mixed up in his head..

Then came the day Luke disappeared from home. I have a strong feeling about his disappearance and it’s not a pleasant thought.

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