Sleeping the eternal sleep…

Lucca's Tribute

A loving, gentle soul.
Lucca is my most recent loss.
He left this earthly realm on 5th August 2018.
He he greatly missed

Lucca’s Grave

I adopted Lucca when he was 6 years old from a couple who were emigrating to New Zealand in March 2015 and when I visited them, it was already the beginning of February. With time fast running out they were getting desperate to find a good home for Lucca, Then by fate of hand lucky Lucca found me! Ann and Richard were so grateful to have found not just a cat loving home for Lucca, but a home with someone who also has experience with Siamese cats. I was looking for another Siamese because Adina was left on her own after her brother Cyrus died unexpectedly at home, leaving her lonely and without a cuddle buddy. It wasn’t long before she was cuddling up to Lucca just like she did with Cyrus.

Lucca developed Rhinotracheitis when he was around 4 years old. It is a very difficult malady to control and was a constant battle trying to help him. I did all I could possibly do – I did my best. The vet was called to my home Sunday evening on 5th August after Lucca had a severe fit early hours of the morning. Sadly, Lucca never recovered and so he was put to sleep peacefully that evening while I held him in my arms. It was quick and painless for him. Within seconds of the injection being administered, I could feel his body go limp and sink down into my lap and my lovely Lucca was gone out of my life.

He was a lovely soul, much loved and will be greatly missed. He is finally at peace and free from his pain, sleeping an everlasting sleep in his grave under a young Maple tree alongside his companion Adina and also Rosie, my dear friend’s treasured cat.


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