Sleeping the eternal sleep…

Josh's Tribute

A benevolent, gentle and caring soul,
with a big personality

Josh’s Sleeping Cat Ashes,

Josh was a gentle but bubbly soul who loved other cats and always looked out for them. He really was a benevolent boy. He was rescued from a farm in Wales where he and his sister Sapphi were found sheltering under a sheet of corrugated metal. I remember them being so tiny and worried when they climbed the scratching post they would fall off, it must have looked like a tree to them!

Sadly Josh had to be put to sleep around 12 years old due to an aggressive form of liver cancer. The weird thing is that only a short time before this was discovered, I had a dream about small wheel like objects. He was put to sleep while under anesthetic because unfortunately there was nothing the vets could do for him. I was horrified though when I returned to the vets to collect his body. They first came out with his liver in a dish! It was a shock to say the least, I’m not the fainting type but I almost passed out! It was also the realisation of knowing if that was his liver then Josh was definitely dead! But what even shocked me more is that Josh had small wheel like aberrations attached to his liver. I thought, oh my God! They are the same as what I saw in my dream! Then they went to get his body which they had put in a cardboard box. Needless to say, I broke down in tears.

Josh’s story about his stomatitis and my battle to help him, along with his sister Sapphi, is featured on the Blog

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