Purdey and Fay's Tribute

Fay (right) the fearful one, Purdey the placid one

I hope I helped erase the pain of the
sad life you both suffered before I came along and that your dear souls are at peace

Fay and Purdey were rescued from a breeder who eventually had all her cats taken off her. They were both 7 years old when rescued. Purdey was a kind natured cat but sadly she suffered with Rhinotracheitis, this can clearly be seen by her strained expression. Even so she did her best to cope with it, putting up with the constant onslaught day in day out. She was a charming little soul. Every morning she would sit on my chest and look me straight in the eyes, purring away. Sadly, after a few years of endless battling with her condition, she died quietly at home leaving a very nervous Fay even more insecure. It was so sad because Fay literally clung to Purdey.

After her loss Fay became a very unhappy cat, I don’t think she ever got over losing Purdey and I sensed her heart was broken and so I think she just gave up the will to live. After suffering numerous bouts of cystitis and other health issues, it was decided by both myself and the vet that it was kinder to end her suffering. And so yet another sad soul left this planet. I hope she has been reunited with her dear soul mate.

I have no idea what become of the breeder’s other cats, hopefully nothing bad happened to them. All her cats were so nervous because they had been given hardly any human contact. One I saw was really skitty and was clearly scared of humans. Whatever become of their sad souls I don’t know, but as Fay and Purdey, they are all long gone.