Sleeping the eternal sleep…

Cyrus's Tribute

The hero of the novel,
The Jewel Of Cyrus
Adina’s brother.

Cyrus’s Grave

Cyrus was a lovable boy and very clingy, as most Siamese are. He was fortunate enough not to have any health issues, but in his 10th year of living on this crazy planet, I did noticed he started to drink a little more water and urinate more, usually signs of kidney deterioration. However, that was not what took his life. In his 11th year he passed away unexpectedly at home on 22nd January 2015. I got up from bed that morning and found him dead directly outside his and Adina’s bed. I can only assume his heart gave out. It was a total shock to me to find him dead because just before I went to bed at around 11.10 pm, he was on the sofa, washing himself and looked perfectly fine. Little did I know it was going to be the last time I would see him alive, the last time he would hear me speak a few soft words to him before wishing him goodnight.

Cyrus’s little soul is now immortalised in the novel and so the journey to his final destination has only just began.

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