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My Cat Won’t Stop Scratching!

What can I do?

Skin allergies, itchy skin and the accompanying scratching is probably one of the most difficult complaints a cat owner has to deal with because it can be triggered by various causes…

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Jewel Of The Cat – About The Novel

The heart-rending story of Cyrus the Siamese cat. Go with him on his perilous journey into the unknown as he struggles to survive and adapt to life as a stray after losing his beautiful home and owner in a tragic fire. Alone and hungry, Cyrus is bestowed an unexpected gift

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Barclay’s Story

One afternoon while going about my business in Pontypridd town in South Wales I saw a beautiful tabby cat hanging out in the doorway of one of the shops in the high street. I could tell by its size and features it was definitely a male cat. The town was busy and…

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Sinbad The Scoffer!

The amusing story of sneaky Sinbad! A Siamese hangs out in a street most mornings where my friends Jan and Tim lived, a rural area in Somerset. Across the street, the other side of the hedge, lies a small number of detached bungalows. The story my friends got told…

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