Barclay's Tribute

The Cat That Banked
On Being Rescued

Rest in peace

Barclay was a very special tabby cat, big,, bold and intelligent, he was such a character. He use to growl at the Postman. He was so loving though and would lie on my chest and stare me in the face. He was rescued from the doorway of Barclays Bank in Pontypridd, South Wales hence his name. I fostered him for a short while and eventually he got rehomed in his forever home with a lovely, caring young couple. It was so long ago I can’t remember their names now but in any case, when they came to see Barclay, I could see her husband was nervous of cats and with Barclay’s personality and size, he was very wary of him. Nonetheless, he charmed them over and so a few days later I did the usual house check and got the adoption form signed. Then a couple of days after that I took Barclay to his new home. While I was chatting with his new owners, Barclay sat on a chair looking on with interest, it was almost as if he was able to understand our conversation. It is quite unusual for a cat to be so bold when placed in a new environment, but Barclay was acting like it was already his domain! However, when I got up to leave he went to jump off the chair and follow me. I had to stop him and tell him he had a new home now and wouldn’t be returning with me so he sat back down and watched me leave the room…so intelligent!

When I did my follow up visit, I could see Barclay looked quite happy and settled in his new home. Paul clearly wasn’t nervous of him anymore and it was plain to see he was loved by them both. In fact they said they wouldn’t part with him for any reason. They said he instantly settled in and soon got to know the neighbouring cats, or should I say…Lord it over them!

I have no idea how long Barclay lived, because after the follow up visit no more visits are made. I am certain thought however long he lived, his life with his owners was a happy one. Many years has passed since then and so without doubt he will have gone to another realm. It would be wonderful if they stumbled upon this tribute and got in touch. I would love to know how his life went and how long he lived. His story is also featured on the Blog