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The Cat That Banked On Being Rescued

The story of a beautiful tabby cat who was found in a town in South Wales

One afternoon while going about my business in Pontypridd town in South Wales I saw a beautiful tabby cat hanging out in the doorway of one of the shops in the high street. I could tell by its size and features it was definitely a male cat. The town was busy and…

One afternoon while going about my business in Pontypridd town in South Wales I saw a beautiful tabby cat hanging out in the doorway of one of the shops in the high street. I could tell by its size and features it was definitely a male cat. The town was busy and there were lots of people passing by, but even so, the cat went unnoticed by majority of passers by who were likely too caught up in their own little world to notice him. Even people going in and out of the shop didn’t bat an eyelid. However, there was one passer-by who not only took time out of their busy day to notice him, but even went to the trouble of leaving some food because there was an empty foil pouch next to him. And now this friendly cat had one more person who would do the same thing. I went to the nearest pet store and returned with some food. As the stranger tucked into it, I wondered what such a beautiful looking cat was doing in town hanging around in a shop doorway. He was in good condition and so at the time I thought maybe he was owned by someone either living in the town or on the outskirts and had taken the impetous to wander into town. I even thought it might be something he did regularly. He certainly didn’t look like a stray and so after deliberating what I should do, I thought it best to leave him be. The last thing I would have wanted to do is steel someone else’s cat!

So I spoke a few more kinds words and gave the friendly cat one final stoke before going on my way. As I began walking away he came out of the doorway wanting to follow me. I had to tell him to stay put. It was almost like he understood what I was saying because he about turned and went back into the doorway, although I will say…he did so a little reluctantly.

I gave no more thought to the experience that day until that is around 7 pm in the evening. I just couldn’t get him out of my mind. What if I got it wrong, I thought. What if it was dumped there purposely and the perpetrators chose a town because they knew he had a better chance of being rescued. There again, I thought…would people who wanted to dump their cat even think that way – probably not. Whatever the reason for why or how the cat got where it wasn’t of concern to me, all I knew now is I had to travel back to town to check and see if he was still there. So I grabbed my coat and left for Pontypridd town again, but this time I was going there with one purpose in mind.

By now it was dark but the town had plenty enough light and being evening I had a choice of where to park. I wanted to get as close as I could to the high street where the cat was when I left him and so I parked in the street directly above. I walked at a fast pace eager to get to the shop doorway, but when I got there the cat was gone. I searched in other shop doorways but still no cat. I was about to give up thinking he probably does have a home, but then…as I was about to turn the corner off the hight street to return to my car, I glanced across and saw what I thought was a shadow of a cat wedged in the corner of an unlit recess in the doorway of Barclays bank. I called out and got an immediately response, a faint mewl, which could easily be heard amidst a virtually empty town. “There you are!” I exclaimed with much relief. As I crossed the road he came running to me. I realised at this point no one was coming for this cat, without doubt he was going to be spending a night in the doorway of the bank. Whether it was to be his first night or not I had no idea, all I knew is I had enough experience behind me to recognise this cat was giving me all the signs of a stressed, anxious and lonely cat who was desperate to be rescued.

I picked him up and held him in my arms. He began to purr and rub his face against my chin, as if expressing how grateful he was to me. I carried him back to the car with ease, there was no struggle at all, he seemed more than happy to go with me and in fact travelled quite happily in the car with not fuss at all. I think he was just so glad to be rescued.

What to name him?

Well this was a no brainer! Having been rescued from the doorway of Barclays bank there was only one name I could possibly call him and so he was aptly named Barclay.

Barclay soon settled down into my home and lived with me for a short time along with my own and a few other cats I was fostering at the time who he happily accepted and got along with. Although I felt he would be more suited in a one cat home. Eventually, he found just that, his forever home with a young couple. He was a big bold cat and such a character, intelligent and very friendly. It was clear to see they both adored him.

Whatever happened to Barclay and why, how he ended up in Pontypridd town doesn’t matter. All that matters is, for him at least, he was one of the lucky ones who got a happy ending.

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