Sleeping the eternal sleep…

Alex's Tribute

A cute, lovable boy
His dear little soul was taken too soon

Your restless mind is at peace now

Alex was resuced as a kitten when I was involved in animal rescue in Wales.  He was a cheerful and fun loving boy, but when he reached about five years old, he began to display odd behaviour similar to my other cat Sapphi only much worse. He got to the stage he didn’t want to come indoors, when he did come in for his food he would wolf it down, as if it would be his last meal. Then he got to the stage he wasn’t eating much at all. As with Sapphi, the vet didn’t know what was causing it, but he obviously knew it was some sort of brain issue. I believe Alex and Sapphi’s problems stemed from the same place I was living when Luke disappeared, I always felt like there was a lot of negative energy around the whole area. Luke’s story is featured on the Blog.

Sadly Alex’s condition got worse and so the dreaded desicion was made to have him put to sleep. It was a heartbreaking decision, but I had to think about him not myself and I couldn’t bear to continue seeing him in such turmoil. He fell asleep peacefully and after it was over, although it was extremely upsetting to let him go, , I felt a sense of relief to see him finally at rest.

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