Sleeping the eternal sleep…

Adina's Tribute

Cyrus’s sister
A petite little sweety with a bold character
and a voice so loud she could take the roof off!

Adina is buried alongside Lucca and my dear friend’s cat Rosie with Cyrus nearby.
I didn’t take a photo of the floweres I put on her grave and so this photo is the flowers I placed on Lucca’s grave, she is to the right of him

Adina, one could say, was an incidental cat. I only planned for Cyrus but when I went to collect him, I was also offered Adina because she had a facial defect. The right side of her face was partially paralysed, although she could eat, yawn and make loud noises, especially so as she got older because I knew her hearing wasn’t good. She also had no sight in her right eye and could not close it. When she slept only the haw would cover her eye to protect it. Despite her defect, her sweet little face looking up at me made my heart melt and so needless to say, I came away with her as well as Cyrus. I suspect she was saved from an early death because I don’t think anyone would have wanted her and so there was a high probability that she would have been put to sleep. Given that she was Cyrus’s sister, her name has been adopted by one of the characters in the novel, The Jewel Of Cyrus.

This brave little soul spent 11+ years with me. Sadly this little sweety had to be put to sleep due to the sudden onset of saddle thrombus (embolism), one of the worse things that can happen to a cat. You can read her sad story on the Blog

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