A Heart-Rending And Perilous Journey

About The Novel

Follow Cyrus on his heart-rending and perilous journey into the unknown as he struggles to survive and adapt to life as a stray after losing his beautiful home and owner in a tragic fire. Alone and hungry, Cyrus is bestowed an unexpected gift to which he feels a strong, spooky connection. His harrowing journey starts out from the grounds of his destroyed home and takes him as far afield as Ireland, where he miraculously escapes death and then finds himself back in the UK whereupon he experiences another mysterious encounter that makes him believe the journey to his final destination has only just begun

JEWEL OF THE CAT is a labour of love created out of my passion for cats. There are aspects to the novel, which is reminiscent of my own life, at least in as much as the journey which starts from Buckinghamshire to Southern Ireland and back to the UK again. However, all the things that happen along the journey and the final destination and true place of Cyrus (the Hero of the novel), is of course, not part of my life – all that is purely fictional although very real to Cyrus and the many friends he encounters along the way who become his loyal companions, accompanying him on his heart-rending and incredible journey of survival against all odds.

I have spend endless amount of hours writing the novel and it was my passion for cats, coupled with my sheer determination to get the story out of my head, that made it happen. A story destined to be told, I am now I am working on editing it to make it available to all my fellow cat lovers. The first chapter is already here on the site. It is my first ever completed novel, all my other writings having only ever been non-fiction.

To be perfectly honest, I struggled with the traditional rules of writing fiction. Plotting, and all the usual protocols you are told to follow. I tried all that and it didn’t work for me, until that is, I read Stephen King’s book called ON WRITING. This is the book that released me from the restraints of plotting. His way seem to resonate with me, writing by, the-seat-of-the-pants, as opposed to plotting. In fact, in his book, Stephen makes the following comment on plotting,

“Plot is, I think, the good writer’s last resort and the dullard’s first choice. The story which results from it is apt to feel artificial and labored.”

And so that was it for me, I threw plotting out of the window! Stephen simplifies it by saying, “All you need to start a story is to put two characters in a situation and watch them work their way out of it.” Maybe not word for word but close enough, and so I began writing and it never stopped. Seven months later  JEWEL OF THE CAT transformed into a novel.

However, due to more pressing life commitments, sadly the novel had to be shelved for a number of years. It was the first draft with no editing and so now, as mentioned above, bit by bit, I am working on editing it and will be tweeting each chapter.

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