About ME

“Sometimes soul mates walk on four legs”

Sue Nordic

I have been a cat lover, cat owner and natural health researcher for over thirty years. My passion for cats began in my childhood when we had a cat called Ginger. I have happy memories of beautiful Ginger, but there is one memory, that over the years, I have tried hard to erase from my mind. The reason being is Ginger did not meet with a peaceful end to his life. It is a long time ago now and thankfully the memory has faded into the far distant past, but I’ve not been able to erase it completely.

Much to my disappointment my mother didn’t get another cat, instead she replaced Ginger with a dog. And so that’s how it was for the rest of my childhood, always dogs – no cats.

I knew when I grew up and got my own place the first thing I would do is get a cat and that’s exactly what I did do. I didn’t just get one cat though, I got two cats. Their names were Max and Rommy and so my love affair with cats never stopped.


Currently I live in Somerset and share my life with my feline companion Lucca (aka Lucas), that’s him in the picture. It is the first time in thirty years I’ve owned just one cat! I adopted Lucca from a couple who were emigrating to New Zealand in March 2015 and when I visited them, it was already the beginning of February. With time fast running out they were getting desperate to find a good home for Lucca, Then by fate of hand lucky Lucca found me! Ann and Richard were so grateful to have found not just a cat loving home for Lucca, but a home with someone who also has experience with Siamese cats.

There is a lot more I could tell you about my somewhat less-than-conventional-life, but without doubt you would feel like you are reading an episode of War & Peace!

I feel blessed to have had the good fortune to share my life with so many enchanting cats and the courage to rescue them. Most of my cats are featured on the memorial page, each with their own dedicated tribute.

I created Jewel Of The Cat website out of my sheer passion for cats and from it’s humble beginnings, it naturally progressed into the site it is today, with cat related stories, memorials, gifts as well as an exclusive cat sitting service.

I operated a cat sitting service back in South Wales, which is where I also carried out the animal rescue work. I have now decided to make this service available again. More details can be found on the service I offer on the “Cat Sitting” page in the main menu.



Since writing my about me page I have to share this sad news.

The vet was called to my home on Sunday evening 5th August after Lucca suffered a severe fit early hours of the morning.  Sadly, Lucca did not recover and so he was put to sleep peacefully while I held him in my arms. He was a lovely soul, much loved and will be greatly missed. He is finally at peace and sleeping an everlasting sleep in his grave with his companion Adina and my dear friend’s treasured cat, Rosie. I hope Lucca and all the other cats are somewhere batting some butterflies and having fun.

Lucca My Soul Mate

Lucca’s Grave